Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Star and Crescent quilt block

Star and Crescent
April 14, 1933-The Star and Crescent quilt block was created by the early Pennsylvania Dutch writes Nancy Cabot who she said often used curved lines.

She goes on to say, "But, it is unfortunate that the artistic effect gained by this means, as well as the beauty of the intricate detail and dainty needlework, was too often lost or overwhelmed by the use of unharmonious and unlovely colors in the piecing of the blocks. This may have been more a matter of necessity, however, than any lack of artistic sense."

Could this antique Star and Crescent block be an example of what she is trying to say? Read more about this block here.

The photo of this antique quilt leads me to believe that the blocks were pieced.  You can read more about this block and learn more quilt history by visiting the Quilting Gallery.  This quilt is further down in the article.

Personally, I think the block would be much easier made as an applique block.  You can get my drawing of the pattern here if you wish to try to make this block.

This block is also a variation of the Beautiful Star block introduced back on February 8, 1933.  The difference is the addition of the crescents!

Beautiful Star
Tomorrow-Indian Summer

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