Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sunny Jim quilt block

Sunny Jim
April 20, 1933-Sunny Jim could just as well been called "The Overall Boy" joked Nancy Cabot when introducing her pattern for this block, as she felt he seems "to be in a serous, thoughtful mood" with his sunny disposition "not so evident."  His hat was to be made from "a light yellow, straw colored material, his shirt of a peppy print, and the overalls of blue-either striped or plain."  I wonder what a peppy print looked like in 1933!

Since this is an applique pattern, I did not make the block.  You can download a drawing here to make an applique pattern if you would like to make this block.

Here's an old block I found that looks like Nancy's Sunny Jim block. You can see it used in a quilt and read more about it here.

Tomorrow-Double Pyramid

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