Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indian summer quilt block

 Indian Summer
April 15, 1933-Harvest Season Inspiration of Colorful Quilt wrote Nancy Cabot of the Indian Summer quilt block.  It was originally "pieced in the golden yellows of the ripe grains and the soft mellow browns of autumn" wrote Nancy in her Chicago Tribune column.

This block has also been known as Harvest MoonSetting Sun, and Golden Harvest.

It can be found in EQ7 as Setting Sun.

I used paper piecing for the pieced arcs and templates for the background pieces.  Download the pattern here.  These are the basic parts of the block-

Sew the pieced arc to the corner piece before sewing to the center.  Attach opposite corners to center first.

I can't find any quilts with any of the names Nancy Cabot gave to this block but here's an interesting variation of the block at Tim Latimer-Quilts, etc.  It's not paper pieced, for those of you that don't like paper piecing.

See more of these blocks here.

Tomorrow-Little Giant

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