Monday, August 5, 2013

Mississippi Oak Leaves quilt block

Mississippi Oak Leaves 
April 5, 1933-One Quilt Leads to Another When Reader's Creative was the title of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column introducing the Mississippi Oak Leaves quilt block.

Does it look kind of familiar?  It's a variation of the Wandering Foot quilt block pattern introduced on February 5, 1933!  Click here to get that pattern.

"A fair Mississippian designed a brand new quilt design simply by adding a few pieces to the center block" explained Nancy.

Wandering Foot

             The block goes together like this-

I really like these two blocks and they are much easier to make than one might think!  You can get the Mississippi Oak Leaves pattern here.

The tutorial I recommended for making the Wandering Foot quilt block can be found at Scrappy and Happy.

The tutorial can be used to make the Mississippi Oak Leaves quilt block also but you need to piece the center piece of each side first.

Here is a photo of the back of that piece to show you how to press the fabric to make a nice smooth curve.  You need four of these pieces.


Press the seams of the corner sections as shown to eliminate bulk-

Tomorrow-Ocean Waves

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