Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hovering Hawks quilt block

April 8, 1933-Nancy Cabot wrote that the Hovering Hawks pattern "was handed down to us from early New England days" and was "another example of the use of triangles as symbols for birds."  Triple X was another name given to this quilt pattern.

The block can easily be made from squares and half square triangles by changing the large corner triangle to a square in the corner with half square triangles on each side.  To make a 6" finished block, each square and half square triangle block will be 1 1/2" finished which means the squares would be cut at 2".

EQ7 owners can find the Hovering Hawks block under 01 Classic Pieced-Four Patch in the block library.

I made my block using just two units and  paper pieced one of the sections (on the right) like so-

Here's how the four sections go together.

To get my templates and cutting instructions, go here.

Check out this link for a very different take on how to make this block!

Tomorrow-Clay's Compromise

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