Friday, June 27, 2014

Children of Israel quilt block

Children of Israel
December 31, 1933-Children of Israel is the name of the quilt pattern published by Nancy Cabot in her Chicago Tribune column today.

This quilt design was originally called Chosen Children and dates back to early colonial New England according to Nancy.

"Pieced in old blue and white or combined with gay prints, it is quaintly charming. Either way, the quilt possesses great character and individuality," she wrote.

I did not make this block for my sampler quilt as it isn't really practical to make a 6" block using this design.

Though I can not find any patterns or quilts using Nancy Cabot's Children of Israel pattern, I did find a similar quilt here.

Children of Israel can be found in Electric Quilt's program as #2425.

This is the last block published by Nancy Cabot in 1933 and the last one for this blog, at least for awhile. Now, to make the sampler quilt!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Poppy Garden quilt block

Poppy Garden
December 30, 1933-Nancy Cabot's Poppy Garden quilt pattern was published today. It is the last floral applique pattern this year.

As far as colors for this quilt go, she suggested making the flowers in "all the lovely shades of the yellow poppy, in the delicate shades of the pink poppy or in the gorgeous deep reds of the Chinese poppy, with which we are most familiar."

Nancy recommended the flowers be "set together with strips of soft green, differing from the deep green used in the leaves."

She went on to say, "It is easily appliqued and is a quilt that increases in charm with time."

This Poppy Garden  block is very similar to the Rose Garden block from November 11, 1933.

Rose Garden

Two copies of Poppy Garden patterns attributed to Nancy Cabot can be seen here. The second pattern is more like the version she published today.

Tomorrow-Children of Israel

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rose of Le Moyne quilt block

Rose of Le Moyne
December 29, 1933-Rose of Le Moyne is yet another applique rose design by Nancy Cabot. This one, however,does not look much like a rose to me. It reminds me more of fuchsia.

There are several names for this design-The General's Rose, Rose of New Orleans, The Lucky Rose according to Nancy.

She believed "Quilt historians prefer "Rose of Lemoyne," on account of the date of the pattern and the influence that gallant Frenchman had on the early history of New Orleans. It is made of shades of red, deep rose, and light rose, with deep green for the leaves."

I have not been able to find any patterns or quilts made that go by any of the names.

Tomorrow-Poppy Garden

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swallow's Flight quilt block

Swallow's Flight
December 28, 1933-Swallow's Flight is the name of the quilt pattern published by Nancy Cabot today in her Chicago Tribune column.

Her column read as follows, "A quilt of this pattern has the appearance of a flock of birds in flight. It might well be considered a modern quilt, so strikingly simple is the design. It is tremendously effective as a whole. Swallow's Flight may be pieced in prints or plain colors, or both. It is a type of pattern that allows every quiltmaker the opportunity of showing originality in color combinations and arrangement."

I have not been able to find any additional information on this quilt design. I think it looks modern even today!

I decided to paper piece my 6" block because of the odd angles. It is a very easy block to make. Here are the parts of my pattern-

The pieces get sewn together like shown in the two photos below-

You can download my pattern here. The Swallow's Flight design makes an interesting quilt when set on the diagonal like shown below.

Tomorrow-Rose of Le Moyne