Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dogwood Blooms quilt block

Dogwood Blooms
October 29, 1933-Dainty Dogwood Bloom Wreath Frames Softly Tinted Background was the title of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column today and the introduction for her Dogwood Blooms quilt pattern.

This dainty applique pattern has eighty flower petals in each 18" quilt block and eighty little pieces that are appliqued to each petal.

You can see a copy of Nancy Cabot's pattern here. Though the image appears to be the same on this pattern as the one in the newspaper today, the writing on the pattern suggests to me that she reintroduced Dogwood Blooms at some later date.

"The white blossoms are charmingly springlike against a softly colored background" is what she wrote in her column but this pattern specifically calls for a light green background. The content on the pattern page is also very different. At any rate, this is what a Dogwood Blooms quilt may look like if made using the pattern mentioned above.

I can not find any quilts made using this pattern.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turquoise Berries quilt block

Turquoise Berries
October 28, 1933-Turquoise Berries is the name of the quilt block Nancy Cabot used in her pattern for today.

"The famous, dainty turquoise berry which grows so profusely in the south inspired today's quilt pattern," she explained.

The berries were to be made from "a lovely lilac blue" and the leaves and vine of "the deepest green" suggested Nancy.

This made me wonder why a pattern named Turquoise Berries would have blue berries though I had no idea what a turquoise berry looked like. So, I googled it and saw that turquoise berries are various shades of blues, purples and turquoise! So, I drew my block accordingly.

I can't find any history on the Turquoise Berry quilt block so it's a little hard to interpret Nancy Cabot's newspaper drawing of it. She shows what I have drawn and a border on only two sides of the quilt. Notice that the block is not square. I assume that was intentional but hard to know for sure without seeing the actual pattern.

I'm guessing you would make a number of the blocks like I have drawn and border the quilt on all four sides. The border she shows is an undulating vine with leaves and berries very similar to the block design. The quilt blocks would create an overall effect when placed next to each other without sashing.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Thousand Pyramids quilt block

A Thousand Pyramids
October 27, 1933-"A Thousand Pyramids is an old, old quilt design, so ancient that no two quilt authorities can agree on it's origin. It can be made up all in prints or skillfully varied, as it is illustrated above. This is another "economy" quilt, because it makes good use of scraps left from others."

That is the entirety of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column today introducing her quilt pattern, A Thousand Pyramids. This is still a common pattern even today.

There are numerous examples of antique quilts made from this design. However, I can not find any examples of A Thousand Pyramids quilts made exactly like Nancy's. Notice that she offsets her rows of triangles which is not the common way this quilt is sewn.

Here are a few links to antique A Thousand Pyramids quilts-

scrappy pink and turquoise tied
multicolored scrappy
bright multicolored
pastel and white with large border

I did not make this design as a block because it's really an overall one block design.  The A Thousand Pyramids quilt block design can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #112d. It is drawn like Nancy's design!

There is alot of information out there about A Thousand Pyramids quilts and many FREE patterns available also. So if you want to make this quilt, check out the Quilt Inspiration blog. They've done all of the work for you! There are links to many free A Thousand Pyramids patterns. I really want to make this pattern!

Quilter's Cache also has a page about A Thousand Pyramids that is very interesting. And you have to check out Bonnie Hunter's quilt here. It has 2000 pieces for the millenium!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cluster of Stars quilt block

Cluster of Stars
October 26, 1933-The Cluster of Stars quilt block was used in the pattern Nancy Cabot published today. It sold for "5 cents in coin or stamps" as did all her patterns up to this point.

"Cluster of Stars is one of the most effective quilt designs unearthed in a long time," she wrote.

She recommended "various colorful prints should be used, a different print for each block, but the square should be of one color all over the coverlet. Being careful about this insures a quilt as pretty as a harmonious bouquet." I tried to follow these guidelines when choosing fabrics for my 6" block.

I chose to paper piece my block because this is a five patch block which makes for some odd dimensions to try to rotary cut when you divide the 6" block by five.You can download my paper pieced pattern here as well as templates for the Cluster of Stars quilt block. Use the method you prefer. There is a paper piecing tutorial here if you need  to know how to paper piece. Here's what my paper pieced units look like-

I sewed the units together like shown below to create three rows that are sewn together to complete the block.

I think the stems were to be embroidered because they are shown as being very skinny on Nancy's drawing for the newspaper. I had planned to do that but ended up just cutting 1/16" strips and fusing them in place to get it done. The fabric strips do look a little bulky when comparing the fine lines of her drawing.

I can't find any Cluster of Stars patterns or quilts made from this pattern.

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