Monday, June 9, 2014

Crow's Foot quilt block

Crow's Foot
December 13, 1933-Today's quilt pattern is called Crow's Foot. Nancy Cabot sold it for "5 cents in coin or stamps" through her column in the Chicago Tribune.

When writing about the Crow's Foot pattern, Nancy said, "With a little imagination one can see the footprints of a crow in the block. A design like this should appeal to the thrifty. Each block can be of a different color-quite a boon to the woman who has many scraps from other quilting efforts." She felt it originated in early American days.

There is a Crow's Foot quilt pattern here at the Quilt Index that is attributed to Nancy Cabot but it is colored very differently than her newspaper drawing. The parts are the same but it looks quite different.

I made my 6" Crow's Foot block by paper piecing it. Check out my paper piecing tutorial to see my method of paper piecing, You can download my pattern here. These are the pieces of the pattern-

I sewed the parts together like this-

Sew the three rows together and you are done! Crow's Foot can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #4184.


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