Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pineapple quilt block

December 25, 1933-The Chicago Tribune published a quilt pattern even on Christmas! The Pineapple pattern is an applique design and not the log cabin variation that we would typically think of when referring to the Pineapple design today. Most quilters would more than likely envision this log cabin variation from Generations Quilt Patterns.
The finished Pineapple quilt block pattern with a dark 'X'

"The "pineapple" design was originated during the early colonial days, when that fruit was still an object of curiosity in this country. The original of this quilt was made in somber shades of green and brown. Today it may be made gayly attractive by the use of soft greens and lively prints," explained Nancy Cabot when introducing her Pineapple quilt pattern.

A copy of Nancy's pattern can be seen here. An applique Pineapple quilt that pre-dates Nancy's pattern can be seen here. Interesting choice of colors-pink and white!

Tomorrow-Wisconsin Rose

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