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Milly's Favorite quilt block

Milly's Favorite
December 6, 1933-Milly's Favorite is the name of the quilt pattern that was published in the Chicago Tribune today by Nancy Cabot. The main thing Nancy had to say about this block was "It is so simple to make it would be ideal as the first effort of the beginner."

The rest of her article went like this, "Southern women have outshone their northern sisters in creating quilt patterns, it seems, since so many in our scrap book are of southern origin. The actual history of today's design, and the identity of its designer have been lost long ago, but the pattern is increasingly popular." Sounds like nobody knows who Milly is anymore!

This Milly's Favorite block is very easy block to make from half square triangles. You just need sixteen of them that finish at 1 1/2". You can use your favorite method to make the half square triangles. The important thing is to get the color placement right. Here's how the half square triangle blocks lay out-

You need 4 of the first one shown below, 4 of the second, and 8 of the last.

The blocks can be sewn together in rows but I sewed them together as four patches like shown below. I prefer to sew pieces together in this manner instead of rows because I think it's easier and things seem to fit together better for me.

You can see Nancy's original pattern here but I can not find any examples of quilts made using the pattern.

The Milly's Favorite quilt block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #1202d.

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