Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slashed Star quilt block

Slashed Star
December 23, 1933-Slashed Star is the name of the quilt pattern of the day published by Nancy Cabot.

"The "Slashed Star" design offered today appears at first glance to be too complicated for the amateur or even experienced quilter. As a matter of fact it is quite easy to piece and the finished quilt is sufficiently beautiful to be well worth the effort," wrote Nancy. I have to agree with her about that.

If you break the block down into wedge shaped sections that can be paper pieced, the block would go together very easily. However, for a 6" block, I don't think it is practical because the seam allowances are larger than the pieces.

The Ladies Art Company published a Slashed Star quilt pattern in 1895 that looks exactly like Nancy Cabot's design. You can see it here. Be sure to look at all four pages.

I colored my block as was suggested by the Ladie's Art Company pattern. I haven't been able to find any quilts made using this pattern.

The Slashed Star block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #3463.

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