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Buckeye Beauty quilt block

Buckeye Beauty
December 27, 1933-The quilt pattern of the day published by Nancy Cabot is called Buckeye Beauty or Rockingham Beauty.

Nancy believed the name of Buckeye Beauty is the older name and "since the pattern is a native of Ohio, quilt historians quite naturally credit "Buckeye Beauty" with being the original."

"When first made the quilt was pieced in prints. It has since been made in solid colors and has enjoyed great popularity," she wrote.

The Buckeye Beauty block is an easier version of the Star of Many Points quilt block that was published on July 4, 1933. The only difference is the center of the block. Buckeye Beauty has a plain square in it's center while the Star of Many Points has a pieced center.

There are four sections sections of the Buckeye Beauty quilt block and each one goes together like this-

The Ladies Art Co. published this pattern in 1895 under the name of Rockingham's Beauty. Their pattern used a square in the center as opposed to the center being pieced.

There is an antique navy, pink and white Rockingham's Beauty quilt at the Quilt Index that is quite interesting.

Buckeye Beauty can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #2987 and #1254. Th difference in the two designs is the block construction. The first one has "y" seams and the latter does not. I chose to use the latter. You can download my pattern here.

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