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Garden of Eden quilt block

Garden of Eden
December 20, 1933-The quilt pattern published by Nancy Cabot today is called Garden of Eden.

"A colonial woman with a great deal of imagination designed this pattern and gave it the intriguing name of "Garden of Eden." It is particularly effective when the prints harmonize with the plain color."

I'm not sure what she is referring to as being so imaginative. Maybe the name? I don't see anything about the design that would suggest the Garden of Eden. Am I missing something?

A Garden of Eden pattern attributed to Nancy Cabot can be seen here but it shows a contrasting center square which Nancy does not show in her newspaper column. The Ladies Art Co. published a Garden of Eden quilt pattern which can be seen here. Be sure to check out the second image to see what a quilt would look like made from this design.

Here are some links to antique Garden of Eden quilts-

unusual on point

two color with sashing and cornerstones

signature quilt with sashing

two color with alternate plain blocks

I could not find any quilts made using the layout suggested by the Ladies Art Co. pattern or Nancy's pattern!

This is certainly a very easy quilt block to make. It's simply four square in a square blocks with sashing. The square in a square blocks start with a 3" square. The squares for the corners are cut at 1 3/4". The block in the upper left corner shows how to add the corners using the stitch and flip method. the lower left block shows the completed square in a square block after all four corners have been added. The strips are cut 1 1/2" wide. Two pieces are cut 3" long and the center strip is cut 6 1/2" long.

The short strips are added between the square in a square blocks like shown on the left below and then the center strip is added like shown on the right below. Very easy!

The Garden of Eden block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #3229.

Tomorrow-North Carolina Star

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