Monday, August 12, 2013

Nosegay quilt block

April 12, 1933-The Nosegay quilt block is the World Without End block (introduced on February 11) with nine patch blocks in the corners.

Nancy Cabot described it as being one of the "more modern patterns" when she was writing for the Chicago Tribune in 1933.

She wrote-"The bouquet idea will take shape, and charm and character be assumed, when the block is pieced in the appropriate colors-the nine-patch in pink and white materials and the center in green."

She sold the quilt pattern for "5 cents in stamps or coin" as she did all her patterns at the time.

I pieced the nine patch blocks from 1 1/4" wide strips making a 2 1/4" finished block.  The center block is cut 2" square.  I paper pieced the green triangle units which I found faster and easier than figuring out the sizes of the angled pieces.  You can get the templates here.  BlockBase owners can find the Nosegay block as #1976.

Here's what the parts look like-

I wonder how Nancy used this block in a quilt?  Did she set it straight?

On point?

With sashing?

How do you like it best?

Tomorrow-Cathedral Window

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  1. I like straight set best. The secondary pattern is awesome!