Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Martha Washington Wreath quilt block

Martha Washington Wreath
April 27, 1933-The Martha Washington Wreath was "designed by a direct descendant of Martha Washington in 1840" which makes it "only of middle age compared with many of the old, old quilt designs we have already published and others which will appear in the future" suggests Nancy Cabot when writing about this block eighty years ago.

This is another applique block that I did not make but if you want to make it, you can download a drawing of the block here to make an applique pattern.

Eleanor Burns has a video here for making a 6" block without doing needle turn applique.  Her block is a little bit different but you can use her technique anyway.  She also shows an antique Martha Washington Wreath quilt that is a variation of this pattern.

Tomorrow-Old Antique

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