Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Old Antique quilt block

Old Antique
April 28,1933-Old Antique was the name given to this quilt in 1933 by it's owner , a nephew of the designer. The quilt was 90 years old at the time and no one knew what the designer had called it explains Nancy Cabot when writing about this quilt in her Chicago Tribune column.  She says the quilt was made in brown, yellow and unbleached muslin but does not state where the colors were used.  I assume the background was the muslin.

This is not a complicated block to make but at 6" finished the center square finishes at 4" which makes a strange size to cut for the center on-point square so I used a combination of techniques once again to make my block.

To make the center section, I started with a 4 1/2" square.
I paper pieced the small triangle corner sections and used the stitch and flip method to sew them to the center square like shown.  The upper left corner shows how to line up the corner with the block to sew your 1/4" seam and the lower right corner shows the corner after stitching, flipping and ironing it in place.

With the center section done, just add sashing and cornerstones.  The sashing strips are cut 1 1/2" wide by 4 1/2" long and the corner squares are cut as 1 1/2" squares.  Here's how the parts go together.  Just sew the rows together and you are done!  You can download the paper pieced corners here.  The pattern includes a template for the center  if you prefer to add the corners to an on point center instead of using the method I describe above.

I wonder how Nancy Cabot would have set this block.  On point makes the most sense to me.

Tommorrow-Dolly Madison Star

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