Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yankee Puzzle quilt block

Yankee Puzzle
April 3, 1933-"Yankee Puzzle" Is Appropriate for Boy's Room writes Nancy Cabot when referring to the Yankee Puzzle quilt block at the left.  She recommended making the block in a "clear, plain two color combination." I followed her advise in making my block.  She felt the simplicity of the quilt block exemplified the "simple Yankee life" and wrote that the "design should be very popular during the current revival of jig-saws."

This is a very easy block to make as it is made from four quarter square triangle blocks.  Each quarter square triangle block finishes at 3" which is 3 1/2" before you sew it into the block.  Use your favorite method to make the blocks.  I used the method shown here.  The directions are even for a 6" block!

BlockBase owners can find Yankee Puzzle as #1195a.

Tomorrow-Ohio Rose

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