Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cathedral Window quilt block

Cathedral Window
April 13, 1933-Kentucky's first cathedral provided the inspiration for the Cathedral Window quilt block pattern according to Nancy Cabot. She wrote "the quiet, softened pastel shades of pink or blue on a background of milky white are a wise choice of materials" for this pattern.

This pattern is very different from what we would think of as a Cathedral Window block today.  I'm guessing that it was not a commonly used pattern since I can't find any info. on it.

I did not try to make this block for my sampler quilt because I didn't think it was suitable for a 6" block.

The Cathedral Window block can be found in BlockBase as #1953.

This block reminds me of cutting out paper snowflakes as a kid.  You know, where you fold the paper and cut out shapes?  Anyway, I think it would be nice made as a big block.  In a 6" block, the large squares are only about 1 3/8"!

Tomorrow-Star and Crescent


  1. I found this block in an old quilt book my mother gave me, and I love it! I broke the pattern down to all squares and triangles for ease of cutting and piecing. I am currently in process of making a baby quilt as one big Cathedral Window block. The quilt is not yet complete, and it's already one of my favorites. :-)

    1. I'd love to see it and I'm sure my readers would too. If you'd like to send me a picture at candace@doublenickelquilts.com, I'd post it if you don't mind.