Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Indiana Puzzle quilt block

Indiana Puzzle
April 7, 1933-Printed Fabrics Ones to Use for Indiana Puzzle was Nancy Cabot's recommendation for the Indiana Puzzle quilt pattern she was selling eighty years ago on this day.

The pattern, like all her patterns of the day, could be purchased by sending "five cents in stamp or coin" to Nancy Cabot at the Chicago Tribune.

She said you don't have to use printed fabrics but the "small dainty prints of pastel shades lend themselves effectively to modern interiors."

If you have EQ7, you can download the pattern templates for the Indiana Puzzle quilt block under the 01 Classic Pieced-Drunkard's Path tab of the block library or do a search for it.

You can also download the templates for my 6" block here.  There are only two pieces to this block but you need 16 of each!  The curves are small so clip the curve on the background piece alot and it will go together  nicely.  This is one block that would be easy to sew by hand and it would probably go together faster too!

8 of these
8 of these

I made four patch blocks first but you can sew them together in rows also.  I pressed the seams in my four patch blocks like shown below so when you sew the 4 four patches together, the seams alternate and nest together which always makes for a flatter block.

back of block

This is another pattern that should look familiar to those following this blog.
The Snowball quilt block and Drunkard's Trail quilt block are variations of this block that have been shown previously!

Drunkard's Trail

Tomorrow-Hovering Hawks

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