Monday, August 26, 2013

Friendship Knot quilt pattern

Friendship Knot
April 26, 1933- Nancy Cabot introduced the Friendship Knot quilt pattern in her Chicago Tribune column and sold it for "5 cents in stamps or coin."  She said it was also called Starry Crown and "was given to the quilt piecing world in 1861."

This has me confused because the way she drew it for her column (drawing at right) it would need to be appliqued, not pieced, since the background is all one piece..

In trying to research this pattern, I found it more common to have the area she shows at the center of each side as being in each corner not on the side.  It is also more commonly seen with the arc section pieced like this-

Check out the Q is for Quilter blog to see  more blocks like this along with some ideas on how it can be pieced.

I found one antique quilt that looks like the pattern Nancy shows except the arcs are pieced-

Each block has a name embroidered in the center. Nancy doesn't say anything about names being embroidered but it makes sense since it is called Friendship Knot.

You can download the applique pattern for a 6" inch block here.  It can be found in BlockBase as #4045.

Tomorrow-Martha Washington Wreath

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