Friday, August 16, 2013

Little Giant quilt block

Little Giant
April 16, 1933-The Little Giant quilt block is named for Stephen A. Douglas famous for the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. Douglas earned the name "Little Giant" because he was "of small stature, but possessed of tremendous vitality and power" and "was one of the brilliant men of his day" according to Nancy Cabot.

I created the drawing at the left using the proportions that Nancy Cabot showed in her Chicago Tribune column 80 years ago.

This block seems to be another that was probably not popular.  I can only find one reference to it (shown below) and the proportions are different than Nancy Cabot showed. You can see more about it here.

Little Giant quilt block, or Heart's Desire quilt block
antique Little Giant block

This is also another block that I don't think would make a very good 6" block so I did not make it for my sampler.  The antique block shown is a 15" block!

Tomorrow-Queen Charlotte's Crown

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