Sunday, August 25, 2013

Daisy Swirl quilt block

April 25, 1933- The Daisy Swirl quilt block is the second Daisy pattern this month!  Remember Windblown Daisy?  Both blocks are applique blocks and modern for their time.

Nancy Cabot said that the Daisy Swirl block was "scarcely two years old" in 1933.  She predicted at that time that this pattern "may soon compete with "Double Wedding" and "Grandma's Garden."  Guess she was wrong about that as I can't find any references to this block, at least not by that name on the internet.  My guess is that it did not become very popular because there are 25 pieces to applique for each block!

You can download a drawing of this pattern if you wish to make an applique pattern.  The drawing is for a 6" block so just enlarge it if you want to make a larger block.

Tomorrow-Friendship Knot

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