Monday, April 14, 2014

Evening Star quilt block

Evening Star
October 23, 1933-Evening Star is the name of the quilt pattern published by Nancy Cabot today.

The Evening Star quilt block is "an old and honored pattern and is found in the collection of a great many museums" according to Nancy Cabot.
I have not had any luck finding an example of this quilt pattern however.

The Evening Star quilt block is an applique design. A typical eight point star is used in the center of the block. You can view a copy of Nancy's pattern here.

Nancy mentions that "the early quilts were executed in blue and white but any variation one prefers would be equally suitable."

An Evening Star quilt made using Nancy Cabot's pattern might look like this-

The blocks are 16" square and the border is 5" wide.

Tomorrow-Crazy Quilt Bouquet

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