Sunday, April 27, 2014

Iris quilt block

November 5, 1933-Lovely Iris Wins Contest Honors, Not as Flower, but as Quilt Entry is the title of Nancy Cabot's column today. She is referring to the 1933 Sears Quilt Contest and a pattern called simply Iris.

Iris is yet another applique pattern this month. The pattern for the prize winning Iris quilt was published in the Sears Century of Progress in Quilt Making book. You can see a copy of the pattern here. Look at images 14 and 15 in the second row of images.

Four shades of purple were to be used for the flowers. For fifty cents plus shipping, you could get an 18" pillow kit complete with "ready cut patches." It was suggested that bias tape be used for the stems. The blocks were to finish at 18" square with twenty Iris blocks to the quilt or with ten Iris blocks alternated ten plain blocks.

The Iris quilt that won in the Sears Quilt Contest of 1933 was made by Flora Wade and won second place in the Atlanta region. It was actually made from a kit! The kit was from Anne Orr Studio and Anne Orr was one of the judges. You can read more about it here. The winning quilt was made of yellows.

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