Friday, April 4, 2014

Aunt Dinah's Delight quilt block

Aunt Dinah's Delight
October 16, 1933-"Aunt Dinah's Delight is a quilt pattern as quaintly charming as its name and as obviously southern. It originated in Dixie some generations ago, but modern interpretations of it are still to be seen almost everywhere below the Mason and Dixon line. It is charming in old fashioned green and red prints."

That is the entirety of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column presenting  her Aunt Dinah's Delight quilt pattern.

This is another applique block that I did not make for my sampler quilt.

Nancy Cabot's pattern can be found here. A quilt made using a variation of the Aunt Dinah's Delight block design can be seen here. It has a swag border and Nancy's pattern has a floral border design so I assume a different pattern was used. Also according to the information listed on the quilt, it was made in the 1980's!

Tomorrow-Appliqued Roses

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