Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cluster of Stars quilt block

Cluster of Stars
October 26, 1933-The Cluster of Stars quilt block was used in the pattern Nancy Cabot published today. It sold for "5 cents in coin or stamps" as did all her patterns up to this point.

"Cluster of Stars is one of the most effective quilt designs unearthed in a long time," she wrote.

She recommended "various colorful prints should be used, a different print for each block, but the square should be of one color all over the coverlet. Being careful about this insures a quilt as pretty as a harmonious bouquet." I tried to follow these guidelines when choosing fabrics for my 6" block.

I chose to paper piece my block because this is a five patch block which makes for some odd dimensions to try to rotary cut when you divide the 6" block by five.You can download my paper pieced pattern here as well as templates for the Cluster of Stars quilt block. Use the method you prefer. There is a paper piecing tutorial here if you need  to know how to paper piece. Here's what my paper pieced units look like-

I sewed the units together like shown below to create three rows that are sewn together to complete the block.

I think the stems were to be embroidered because they are shown as being very skinny on Nancy's drawing for the newspaper. I had planned to do that but ended up just cutting 1/16" strips and fusing them in place to get it done. The fabric strips do look a little bulky when comparing the fine lines of her drawing.

I can't find any Cluster of Stars patterns or quilts made from this pattern.

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