Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oriental Poppy quilt block

Oriental Poppy
November 2, 1933-The Oriental Poppy quilt block was used in today's quilt pattern published by Nancy Cabot in her Chicago Tribune column. She had very little to say about this design.

She wrote, "The pattern published today should be executed in the lovely natural red of the poppy, with effective touches of black." I'm not sure where she expects you to use black. Her newspaper drawing is hard to interpret. I can't find a copy of Nancy's original pattern but I found a newer Oriental Poppy quilt here. It looks like her design and shows black in the center which makes sense to me.

I used the Oriental Poppy block from Electric Quilt's Blockbase program for my block drawing and I think the quilt I referred to above was made using that same block. It is #788 in Blockbase and is attributed to Ruby McKim, a contemporary of Nancy Cabot's.

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