Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Star Flower quilt block

Star Flower
October 14, 1933-When introducing her Star Flower quilt pattern, Nancy wrote, "Not really old, but quaintly old fashioned in spirit is the "Star Flower" quilt pattern presented today."

Nancy felt this was "extremely easy to piece" and was "most effective when bits of print compose the flower and plain material the eight pointed star."  She showed each petal of the flower being made from a different print and the center and eight points of the star as being made from the same plain fabric.

The Star Flower quilt pattern can be found in the Grandmother's Old Fashion Quilt Designs book  from 1931. The pattern is image #8 and the block is shown on image #9. The pattern is for a 9"block.

I found one antique quilt that is similar to Nancy's pattern here. It's described as a Star Flower variation. The petals are less rounded than Nancy Cabot's design but are more like the pattern I refer to above.

I love this block but since it is an applique block I didn't make it for my sampler though I do plan to make it some day. The Star Flower quilt block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program as #3424.

Tomorrow-Autumn Leaves

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