Thursday, April 3, 2014

Autumn Leaves quilt block

Autumn Leaves
October 15, 1933-Autumn Leaves is the name of the quilt pattern that Nancy Cabot published today. The quilt is an overall applique design as opposed to being made from blocks. In 1933 it was referred to as a "Top Quilt" or "Lapful."

The Autumn Leaves quilt was a winner in the 1933 Sears National Quilt Contest. Mary Hilliker of Carl Junction, MO won first place in her region and fourth place in the national round with her Autumn Leaves quilt. It is the third quilt from the right in this old photo or look at the prize winning quilt here. My drawing is a copy of the quilt as Nancy Cabot presented it in the Chicago Tribune. It does not do justice to the actual quilt.

This quilt also appears in the Sears Century of Progress in Quilt Making book. You can see the pattern here. It is image #16.

Here are links to a few more Autumn Leaves quilts-

Tomorrow-Aunt Dinah's Delight

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