Saturday, April 5, 2014

Appliqued Roses quilt block

Appliqued Roses
October 17,1933-"A simple little design, Appliqued Roses, makes up most attractively in its combination of prints and plain colors. The flowers can be in any color harmonious with the scheme of the room in which it is to be used."

That is the entirety of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column introducing her Appliqued Roses quilt pattern.

Her pattern can be seen here. The blocks were to finish at 11".

Her pattern suggests pink for the flowers, yellow for the centers, one light rose and three dark rose fabrics triangles for the basket , green for the leaves, white behind the flowers and a print for the corner triangles.

The blocks were to be set next to plain white squares and the border was to 5" wide and made from green fabric. The quilt made using Nancy's pattern might look like this-

I haven't find any examples of quilts using the Appliqued Roses quilt block design.

Tomorrow-Merry Kite

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