Friday, April 11, 2014

Cubist Rose quilt block

Cubist Rose
October 20, 1933-The Cubist Rose is the quilt block that was used in Nancy Cabot's quilt pattern published on this day in her Chicago Tribune column more than eighty years ago.

The rose is "here in a new version-the sweet, old fashioned flower gone modern in the approved fashion of the moment," she wrote of this quilt block.

Nancy noted that a Cubist Rose quilt could "be done in yellow or rose with a natural leaf green for stem and leaves."

Unfortunately, the Cubist Rose is another quilt block design that I can not find any old patterns for or quilts made from.

My block is an interpretation of Nancy Cabot's newspaper column drawing. It's a little difficult to know exactly how many fabrics she intended to be used in the block because it's newsprint and therefore the block is shown only in shades of gray.

I decided to paper piece my 6" Cubist Rose block. The pieces of my pattern look like this-

In the photo above, I laid the pieces out in three rows because that is how I sewed the block together after paper piecing each section.

This next photo shows how the rows are pieced. The center row is pieced in sections, like I have shown, before being sewn into a row.

If you haven't tried paper piecing or have tried it and don't like it, you may like my method of paper piecing which I feel is a little easier than the traditional method. You can find my tutorial here.

You can download my Cubist Rose pattern here.

Tomorrow-Mary Ann

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