Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dogwood Blooms quilt block

Dogwood Blooms
October 29, 1933-Dainty Dogwood Bloom Wreath Frames Softly Tinted Background was the title of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column today and the introduction for her Dogwood Blooms quilt pattern.

This dainty applique pattern has eighty flower petals in each 18" quilt block and eighty little pieces that are appliqued to each petal.

You can see a copy of Nancy Cabot's pattern here. Though the image appears to be the same on this pattern as the one in the newspaper today, the writing on the pattern suggests to me that she reintroduced Dogwood Blooms at some later date.

"The white blossoms are charmingly springlike against a softly colored background" is what she wrote in her column but this pattern specifically calls for a light green background. The content on the pattern page is also very different. At any rate, this is what a Dogwood Blooms quilt may look like if made using the pattern mentioned above.

I can not find any quilts made using this pattern.

Tomorrow-Happy Jack

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