Saturday, April 26, 2014

Virginia Stock quilt block

Virginia Stock
November 4, 1933-Virginia Stock is the name of the pattern Nancy Cabot published today.

"No one who has visited in Virginia can fail to appreciate this quilt design picturing the lovely fragrant flower that plays so prominent a part in almost all Virginia gardens. A quilt in this pattern is not at all difficult to piece and if the chosen color scheme is attractive, the result will be an outstandingly successful quilt." This is the entirety of Nancy's column presenting her Virginia Stock quilt pattern.

Nancy's Virginia Stock pattern can be found here. The stem is embroidered in green and the centers are to be embroidered in yellow or white. The flowers are pink.

I can't find any quilts made using this applique pattern. There are two versions of  Nancy's Virginia Stock in the link above. I pieced together two possible quilts based on the very sketchy information provided on the two patterns. I used green as the border in the first version based on only one yard of green fabric being called for but now that I think about it, that's not enough fabric to make a 9" border especially since the fabric was probably only 36" wide. Maybe the background, 4" sashing and border is supposed to be all white?


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