Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oriental Rose quilt block

Oriental Rose
October 13, 1933-The Oriental Rose quilt block was "inspired by a design used on the ceremonial robes and banners in the temples of the ancient Egyptians," wrote Nancy Cabot in her column in the Chicago Tribune when presenting her pattern for the Oriental Rose quilt design. The original colors used in the design were rose and yellow she said.

For the modern quilting of the day, Nancy explained that the quilt design "is more often seen in the softer rose shades."  I have not been able to find any patterns for or quilts made using the Oriental Rose block.

I decided to paper piece my 6" quilt block mostly because of all the odd shapes and angles. You can download a copy of my pattern here.

The paper pieces are kind of strange because of the way the block is designed. The photo below shows what each paper pieced section looks like when sewn. Notice that the triangle in the lower left corner is not paper pieced but cut from a template. The stem shape is also cut from a template. The stem is appliqued to the triangle before adding it to the block.

I sewed the parts together like this-

and then sewed the center together like this before adding the sides.

Tomorrow-Star Flower

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