Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turquoise Berries quilt block

Turquoise Berries
October 28, 1933-Turquoise Berries is the name of the quilt block Nancy Cabot used in her pattern for today.

"The famous, dainty turquoise berry which grows so profusely in the south inspired today's quilt pattern," she explained.

The berries were to be made from "a lovely lilac blue" and the leaves and vine of "the deepest green" suggested Nancy.

This made me wonder why a pattern named Turquoise Berries would have blue berries though I had no idea what a turquoise berry looked like. So, I googled it and saw that turquoise berries are various shades of blues, purples and turquoise! So, I drew my block accordingly.

I can't find any history on the Turquoise Berry quilt block so it's a little hard to interpret Nancy Cabot's newspaper drawing of it. She shows what I have drawn and a border on only two sides of the quilt. Notice that the block is not square. I assume that was intentional but hard to know for sure without seeing the actual pattern.

I'm guessing you would make a number of the blocks like I have drawn and border the quilt on all four sides. The border she shows is an undulating vine with leaves and berries very similar to the block design. The quilt blocks would create an overall effect when placed next to each other without sashing.

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