Friday, April 25, 2014

Antique Tiger Lily quilt block

Antique Tiger Lily
November 3, 1933-The Antique Tiger Lily quilt block pattern is the third Tiger Lily pattern published by Nancy Cabot in the Chicago Tribune. Tiger Lily was published on March 6, 1933 and  her Original Tiger Lily pattern was published on April 1, 1933. All three patterns are applique patterns.

Of this version of the Tiger Lily, Nancy wrote, "It isn't difficult to appreciate how lovely this quilt pattern would be in soft green and red prints or in any other color scheme you fancy."

A copy of Nancy's original Antique Tiger Lily quilt pattern can be seen here though I can't find any quilts made using the pattern. The pattern suggests where to place orange and red print fabrics when making this block.

A quilt made using Nancy's pattern might look like the one I drew below. I couldn't really get it to come out right following her directions and the page showing the layout is missing. She says to make ten appliqued blocks and six plain blocks. I used ten appliqued blocks but needed eight plain blocks to make it make sense to me. Anyone have any idea how it would lay out according to Nancy's pattern?

Tomorrow-Virginia Stock


  1. Your version of the quilt shown in color is easier to fall in love with than the drawn pattern pieces shown on the Quilt Index. Much more interesting.