Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eight Point Star quilt block

Eight Point Star
March 2, 1933-Eighty years ago today, the Eight Point Star quilt block pattern was published by Nancy Cabot in the Chicago Tribune.  Nancy wrote that this block originated in Maine in 1832 and that each point of the star was made from a different print fabric.

Her sketch of the block showed alternate points of printed fabric and solid fabric as I have done with my block.

She stated that a "quilt made of one color on a white background would not be lacking in distinction."

The print fabric in my block is feed sack material and the green is a vintage fabric that may be chintz.

I made a 6 inch quilt block by cutting templates but this pattern could also be rotary cut.  I used templates because of the size of my scraps.  The block is available in Electric Quilt's BlockBase software as #3735a or in Electric Quilt as Eight Point Star.

This block goes together much the same way as Cactus Basket and David and Goliath.  The basic steps are shown below-

As you can see, you have two "Y" seams in each corner of the block.  I advise marking your seam allowances on the back of each part of the block that you need to sew a partial seam in so you know exactly where to stop stitching.

You can download templates and rotary cutting instructions here.

Use the method you like the best or the method that your scraps allow.

Tomorrow- Tulips

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