Friday, March 22, 2013

Star of the Sea quilt block

Star of the Sea
March 22, 1933- The Star of the Sea quilt block is one of the oldest in quilting history according to Nancy Cabot.  She credits "a young woman who lived in a little village on the rocky Maine coast, close to the sea that she loved" as the designer of this block.

She also describes the block as being made from "soft blue prints" and a "deeper blue center" so I used blue fabrics to make my 6" finished block.

I altered her design a little to make it easier to construct using today's quilting methods.  I added seams around the center star.

This block was made using a combination of techniques similar to yesterday's block.  Most of it was paper pieced except for the 4 corner blocks.

You can get the pattern here.  I really like the look of this block.  It could be used to make a very "modern" looking quilt.  It goes together like this-

Tomorrow-Bear's Paw

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