Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bear's Paw quilt block

Bear's Paw
March 23, 1933-The Bear's Paw quilt block was originally called Hand of Friendship among the Quakers in Pennsylvania according to Nancy Cabot.  The name, Bear's Paw, came about "through a romantic episode of the Kansas prairies" in pioneer days.  A young man went to propose to a young woman and on his "way was attacked by a black bear and forced to take refuge in a tree until nightfall."  The quilt the young woman was making at the time was renamed, Bear's Paw, so Nancy says.

This block is quite similar to the Autumn Leaves quilt block from February 13th.

This block could easily be rotary cut but at the six inch finished size that I made I thought it was easier to paper piece the small half square triangles.  You can download the templates here.

Tomorrow- Triple Sunflower

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