Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rising Sun quilt block

Rising Sun
March 17, 1933-The Rising Sun quilt block originated in 1778 according to Nancy Cabot who published it in her column.  She says that this block has had many name changes over the years- Wheel of Fortune, Cogwheel and Rolling Wheel.  Here is a link to some antique quilts made from this block.  I wasn't sure how this block may have been made until I saw this post.  It's all hand pieced! I think the outer ring could probably be paper pieced with the inner ring being sewn on the machine and preferably not by hand if i was going to make it.

Once again, this block is not suitable for a six inch block.

You can find this block in Electric Quilt's BlockBase program as #3390 if you would like to try to make it.  There's an updated version of this block here.  I love it!

Tomorrow-Barbara Frietchie block

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  1. I found some beautiful red and orange on white hand-pieced "Rising Sun" blocks at a quilt show about 10 years ago and bought other vintage fabrics to make this into a quilt, which Julie Silber recently saw and told me they were either called "Wheel of Fortune" or "Rising Star." That's how I found this great post of yours to solve my mystery! There's a photo of my quilt on my blog at, with a link back to here now. Thanks so much