Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rolling Stone quilt block

Rolling Stone
March 8, 1933-The Rolling Stone quilt block originated in New England around 1780 according to Nancy Cabot.  She wrote in the Chicago Tribune that this pattern is "so complicated and difficult to piece that a quilt of this design is rarely seen unless it is one of the early quilts of the colonial period that are now preserved as antiques."  I disagree! This pattern is quite easy to piece with today's methods.  Pieces could easily be rotary cut and the stitch and flip method could be used on every section of the block.  I chose to paper piece my six inch block and it went very smoothly.  You can download the pattern here.

The 3 basic parts of the block are shown on the left and the photo on the right shows how they go together in rows.

I like the movement of this block.  This is what it looks like in quilt-

with sashing, cornerstones and border

Tomorrow- Poinsettia

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