Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tulips quilt block

Tulips quilt block
March 3, 1933-  The Tulips quilt block was featured in the Chicago Tribune column written by Nancy Cabot.

"Pudgy tulips in a patchwork quilt are especially delightful for little boys and girls of roly-poly years", she wrote.  I would not have thought about using this block for a child's quilt, especially a boy's quilt.  Isn't it interesting to hear the view of someone writing eighty years ago though?

Nancy also tells us that the flowers "will be supported by green sturdy stems which will sprout from a dark flower pot."  She says the flowers can be the same in each block with each block being different or each flower can be different within the block and all the blocks could be the same.

I chose to make all my flowers the same and made the block using fusible applique.  You can find directions for making the templates for this block here. It is six inches finished.  Use whatever applique method you like best.

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