Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunbeam quilt block

Sunbeam Block
July 31, 1933-The Sunbeam Block was Nancy Cabot's quilt pattern of the day.

She had very little to say about the block. She wrote, "Tones of yellow and gold make this a sunbeam block." Makes me wonder if it's not made of yellow and gold, is it called by another name?

Nancy felt it was "an appropriate pattern for a boy's or man's room."

I like the look of this block but it is a little tricky to put together. The odd shapes of the pieces are cut from templates and there are set in seams.

It would probably go together the easiest if it was hand pieced. I pieced it on the machine and didn't have any trouble but adding the center is a little fussy. An option would be to applique the center on. You can download my pattern templates here.

This is how the pieces are sewn together-

There are four sections like this that are sewn to the center block.

I used pattern # 2620 from Electric Quilt's Blockbase program to make my block but Nancy's center was actually a little larger, more like this Sunbeam Block from Flowers in the Window.

There is a copy of an old pattern here and a free table runner pattern using the Sunbeam Block here.

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