Friday, December 27, 2013

Red Peony quilt block

Red Peony
July 27, 1933-When writing her column in the Chicago Tribune, Nancy wrote, "When finished, a quilt in this pattern design looks like a bed of glowing red peonies."

She was referring to her quilt pattern using the Red Peony quilt block.

She also wrote, "The design is so unusual it might almost frighten beginners, but in reality is extremely simple to make. And it is most attractive if one chooses the colors carefully."

I don't think I agree that her Red Peony block would be extremely simple to make but since it's an applique pattern I'm not going to find out.

Once again, I have not been able to find any patterns or quilts made like Nancy Cabot's design. There is a similar quilt here at the Quilt Index but it adds some green diamonds to the block that Nancy's pattern does not have.

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