Friday, December 13, 2013

Single Irish Chain quilt block

Single Irish Chain
July 13, 1933-The Single Irish Chain "is the oldest, simplest, and, by many, considered the prettiest of them all" wrote Nancy Cabot in reference to Irish Chain blocks.

"Printed fabrics produce the daintiest effect, although plain colors may be used if desired" was her recommendation for fabric choices.

She showed four blocks set together as I have. I didn't make this block for my sampler because I don't think it would look right in a sampler quilt.

Even though, the Single Irish Chain quilt is still very popular. I could not find any examples of quilts made exactly like Nancy Cabot's pattern.  She shows a larger center square and a row around the center block which seems to have been dropped off over the years.

This one from Udderly Precious is the closest example I could find-

Tomorrow-Black Beauty

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