Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rose Beauty quilt block

Rose Beauty
July 12, 1933-The Rose Beauty block was the pattern of the day for Nancy Cabot.  She described it as "one of the more modern floral quilt patterns, with the design placed in the center of each block."

She also suggested making "all the rose blocks of the same color or shades of that color."

There is a copy of her Rose Beauty pattern here.  I am not clear about whether the pattern was to be hand pieced or appliqued. The leaves would need to be appliqued for sure.

Anyway, I didn't make the block.  I drew it according to the drawing she had in the Chicago Tribune which is a little different than the drawing in her pattern.

She does go into detail on how to make the border even if she doesn't tell you how to make the block so I drew the quilt also-

Nancy felt the Rose Beauty block "also may be used as an attractive covering for pillows."

Tomorrow-Single Irish Chain

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