Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hosanna quilt block

July 26, 1933-"The Book of Common Prayer" revered by our religious Colonial ancestors, furnished the inspiration for this quilt's name" wrote Nancy Cabot about the Hosanna quilt block.

She also said the block had "been popular for centuries, and continues to be a favorite."

She suggested the block made up "most effectively in gay colors."

The Hosanna quilt block has also been known as Palm Leaf and Palms.

An old quilt pattern for the Hosanna block that is attributed to Nancy Cabot can be seen here. I don't believe it to be the pattern she was selling on this day however. She has spelled Hosanna with an h added to the end of the name and the writing on the pattern does is not the same as in her column.

There is an example of a blue and white quilt block here. An interesting scrappy version of a Hosanna quilt can be seen at the Quilt Index.

I made my 6" Hosanna block by paper piecing it. Only four triangular pieces are needed to make the block. The photo below shows half of it sewn together with the other half shows two of the paper piece patterns. I found it much faster than cutting all the odd shaped templates that would be needed as shown in Nancy Cabot's pattern.

You can download my pattern here.  You can view a quilt that looks like what a quilt made from my block would look like here.

The Hosanna block can also be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase  program as #1304.5.

Tomorrow-Red Peony

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  1. Just discovered your blog, through Quilting Blogs. Very interesting. I checked out the link to The Quilt Index. I will take a closer look when I have a bit of time. Looks like some great reading. Thanks for the link.