Friday, December 20, 2013

Rare Old Tulip quilt block

Rare Old Tulip
July 20,1933-Design Found in Envelope Dated June 10, 1813 was the title of Nancy Cabot's column in the Chicago Tribune on this day.

The Rare Old Tulip pattern is said to have been "found among some letters and papers, yellowed with age, in a curiosity shop in New York," she wrote.

The pattern was cut from "crumbling wrapping paper and folded in an envelope dated June 10, 1813." Wouldn't it be fantastic to find something like that?

I found a couple of images of Rare Old Tulip pattern ads. The first one is in a 1916 issue of McCall's magazine. The second one is in a booklet entitled Colonial Quilts from 1932 and is called Regal Lily. It is on the page that is image 16.

You can see a variation of the Rare Old Tulip quilt here. I did not make this applique block.

Tomorrow-Winding Ways

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  1. Very Pretty. Didn't like the quilt, though. Maybe it was the way it was put together. I guess you do not like to do applique.