Sunday, December 1, 2013

Linked Diamonds quilt block

Linked Diamonds 
July 1, 1933-The Linked Diamonds quilt pattern is another that I believe Nancy Cabot presented more than once.

In her Chicago Tribune column on this day she wrote, "Diamonds cut from dainty prints and linked together within the block in a star shape form the "Linked Diamonds" design.  The pattern is simple and economical and one in which many scraps of fabrics left over from other quilting bees may be used."

However, if you look at her Linked Diamonds pattern posted here, the writing on the pattern is different. She talks alot more about the block. This suggests to me, she showed it more than once or wrote a different article and sold it through another source other than the Chicago Tribune at some point.  I guess I'll find out if it shows up again in her column.

In Nancy's pattern, she suggests piecing two prints when making the diamonds which she says to applique to a 14" background.  She also said you need a light solid and a dark solid which I assume she used in the corner squares.

As her pattern shows, there are only two pieces to the block; a triangle and a square.  You can download a copy of a 6" block to make your own applique pieces here if you want to try to make a Linked Diamonds block.  This block reminded me that I am not good at applique!  I have said before that I would not be making the applique blocks and I really need to stick to that. It will also help free up my time to make the blocks I really want to make for my sampler.

Here's what the Linked Diamonds quilt might look like made according to her pattern-

I really like the look!

Tomorrow-Bleeding Hearts

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