Monday, December 16, 2013

Rose of 1840 quilt block

Rose of 1840
July 16, 1933-The Rose of 1840 was the quilt pattern of the day introduced by Nancy Cabot eighty years ago.

She explains that the block originated in 1840 and has always been called the Rose of 1840.
More detailed history behind the block isn't known but "Kentucky and Virginia claim honor of originating it," she wrote.

The Rose of 1840 block was originally made from bright reds and greens so that's how I drew this applique block. But, Nancy Cabot felt "A twentieth century quilter would undoubtedly prefer pastel shades."

I didn't make this block since it is an applique pattern.  I did find an antique pattern for the Rose of 1840 however.  It was printed on tissue paper and placed inside a roll of batting.  You can view it here.  It shows the quilt on a bed.


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