Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poinsettia quilt block

July 18, 1933-"Wouldn't it be a good plan to begin a quilt in this design now?  When Christmas rolls around you will have an interesting and entirely appropriate gift for some one.  The Poinsettia is an applique design, not at all difficult to make."

This was the entirety of Nancy Cabot's Chicago Tribune column on July 18, 1933.

Good idea but here I am showing you this block in December not July!  I doubt I'll ever catch up!

Anyway, here's an antique Poinsettia quilt that's close to what Nancy's block looks like. The drawing of her design for her column was a little more free form, like the quilt shown, than my drawing is. Once again, since this is an applique block, I did not make it.

Tomorrow-Shoo Fly

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